#The story of the Floating bait presenter.

It was May. Sitting about, restless to go fishing. After returning from 9 years in Malaysia Borneo, missing those long light summer days. I had just bought my rod license. Researching the lakes round Romford. 
At this time, I ad been staying with friends in Romford who love Corse fishing. They introduced me to a lake. It was frustrating to know, my carp rods were back in Borneo. Little money left, after shipping back what I could.  I had shipped back the shortest rods, the fly rods with a couple of mini poles. 
the friend to whom I was staying with, took me fist to a small lake nearby . Neupers ponds, They set up with their chars and all the equipment that filled the car. My self, with just my tackle box. A new unhooking mat, landing net. Ledger rod and a gigging rod I bought back from Borneo. With few other carp fishing equipment I bought back.

The day was great, sun was beating down. Yet a slight chill in the air. As it had just turned 8 am when we arrived. As soon as Terry the eldest of my friends cast his line in the water. He had hooked a 6LB common, After that, just small fish. Julian on my right, taking nothing, fist 2 hours,  my self landing some large bream, I hooked a couple of big carp and lost them. My first time hooking over 20 to 25 LB fish. Caught on bread on the surface. Using a float set up.
 At 6.30 pm . The day had passed in a flash.
We had to leave the area at 7 pm as the gates were closing. 
Just packing up. I left my jigging rod with luncheon meat off the rest, and the line in the water . Just over the edge of the bank.
As I turned to pack the rod away. It was GONE.!  Another big carp had pulled it in.  From then, I secure my pod and rods . Making sure line does not get tangled. Clutch or break off.  
Somewhere in that lake is my rod and real. 
This was the start of my obsessive addiction. The pursuit of big surface carp.
I love stalking !

Weeks passed, not having a car at the time. I was itching to get a line in the water. Each day taken up by hunting for jobs, trips into London. I took a job in Liverpool Street, As portrait photographer. 
Thinking about photography, fishing. The stress of commuting was pulling me to get back to the lake. Invited out to another set of lakes,  where again. I was successful to catch a 8 lb mirror. Put of by some fly fishermen, fly fishing for carp, and over feeding with cat biscuits. The day would have been much better. If they had not over fed the carp. 
Looking back on my adventures.
Discovering a talent for understanding carp behavior. Not forgetting I once kept carp. Watching them in the big tank. Carp, once fed on the surface, like to suck up gravel on the bottom. carp like broken gravelly ground. If you watch them in a fish tank . As having kept 3 big tanks, as well as a pond. Carp often take from the surface, then go to the bottom, if gavel to clean their moth. And filter and remaining food. The behaviour is still yet to be understood.  Often this is where they will find your bottom bait. If your hook was laying bare. It may well get sucked up and hooked when spat out.  
Those sensors though, will search out your bait. On any bottom. Even sunk in mud. A greedy carp will up root most things to get at food.

June:  The weather was warm and clear. Little wind.. Bought a nice stalking rod. Time to try it out.  The ponds were well stocked, hearing stories of 28lb carp being taken. Again, my friends set up with pods and alarms.  Many birds, Words spoken with gripes and jokes about the bird life.
I took to stalking the margins. Pulling in 14 lb s average 9s.  Pestered buy ducks and geese. Restricted to just placing the bread not far from the rod, no float.  Just a hook.

My eyes Focused onto a silver ghost mirror. It was beautiful. All my skill and adrenaline combined into action. The fish looked like a 20 at least. 
But would it take my bread? Every time. Close inspection. Felt the line, and off it went. It new the danger.  So other carp we’re taking the bread, and then the birds too. 

I put my bag of bread down my net and un hooking mat. 
So I could focus more on tactics to catch this wonderful looking fish.
Breaking small bits of bread off into the water below. Just below my feet, so it fell right by the waters edge, so the ducks would not come close.
I hid behind a tree.  I could not see where my line was.
Soon! Carp and the big ghost,  Splash! The bread was gone. Yikes ! And on the end of my line the ghost has taken it. My hook bread was not in the water but dangling on the surface. 
It pulled like hell. As its fins were large. IT PULLED!! My heart was racing. 
Oh noooo! The geese were trying to eat my bread in my bag. I battled to play the fish. At the same time shoo off the bird. 
Then in my back side. A goose attacked me. I tuned my line went slack, the fish was off.

My arm was aching.  So annoying.
Never mind. Another day will come.
Good day of 11 carp. With much perseverance. Tactics to hook these carp. Learning that they are cautious of line in the water. Bread that may be a danger, then food.  The bigger the carp. The wiser.

Thoughts started racing though my head of how to overcome this problem.

As we drove back home. I pulled out my note pad, starting jotting and drawing ideas. Looking for a way to present the bread, without the line from the hook in the water.

I made drawings , then after several ideas, came up with what I have now 
At this time . My friends brother in law, put me onto his car insurance. So I could now an then get about for interviews . Go out to do some photography and of course. A bit off fishing.  No one wanted to go. Day after day. Stuck . My friend was not well, after a long day. 
I felt guilty to go with out him. Soon the itch got the better of me. 
I had to christen and try the new method I made.

Surface bait presenter MK I.jpg


Carp Float FBP (C)_1667 (1) copy.jpg




#The surface bait or floating bait presenter, I called it.

My first trial was on a lake by the m 25.  I had not fished before.
We had visited the lake, just to assess it. 
It was noisy from the M25. The setting was nice. Although windy and open. 
One evening I could not resist. Took the car, turned up to the lake. It’s was very windy.
A few fishermen round the edges. Not much going on. DUCKS AND GEESE , oh no . Time to test this rig. normally I fish the margins. However. It was windy. The wind was blowing towards me and crossing . I threw out some bread.  Soon the ducks came.

I cut some bread. Put the hook through. Placed the rig in the water.  Took some photos. Pulled it out and cast.
Wow. The distance it flew with the bread still on was amazing 
I zoomed in with my camera. Took a photo, astonishing.  A carp came and sucked the rig. Then the bread. My fist fish on this new invention. I was in! 
An 8. I must get some digital scales. People started looking, as I pulled in one after another.
Birds came to investigate, but not eat the bread. Ha ha, ! That was another break through. The floating bait presenter also warded off birds too. 
Again and again,.  2 and Half hours I had landed 18 and lost one. Average 9Lb. Success!

from noticing just the way it sat in the water , much better then the MK I that wobbled and cot tangled. I decided to add glass eyes . With cork and none toxic leads and everything natrial materialsother than the plastic tube. I new I had a product.

Perfecting the floating bait presenter . As it was then to how it is now,
Flexible, easy to cast, direct contact. Wards off water birds. The carp  so far, no problem. So  nick named the SBP, the Breader!


Available by mail order. 
Size and weight varies according to materials. (C) Reg under UK copy right.


Flexible, easy to cast, direct contact. Wards off water birds. Hardly gets snagged , can be using on Lilly beds. Catching surface feeding carp is no problem. Nick named the S.B.P, Or the Breader! This is a must for start of the season carp fishing. Perfect for those who love stalking Big carp.

Now used throuout the year, For mulet fishing too.

#Available by mail order. 
Size and weight varies according to materials. (C) Reg under UK copy right. For design and idea !

No 284695595

carp float 3 copy.jpg


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